Parker School of Motoring is an independent Driving School in Stockport and therefore has many advantages over the bigger Driving Schools in the area.

Firstly you can be assured of a fully qualified Driving Instructor with a proven track record of teaching ability. Beware of many local and national Driving Schools who may use trainee Driving Instructors!

Most of my business comes from personal recommendations passed down from one pupil to the next. It is therefore vital that I maintain an excellent reputation by providing high quality driving lessons and delivering the goods in terms of test passes and value for money. I try really hard for all of my pupils as they provide my income, my advertising, my future business and therefore my livelihood.

Can the same be said about an instructor who simply rings up the office to get another pupil whenever needed? 

Finally there is the advantage of cost. As you can see I do not have a fancy, expensive website. I do not spend a fortune on advertising. I do not have to pay extortionate franchise fees to maintain a fleet of brand new cars. And I do not have to pay for and upkeep premises to run my business from.The savings made are passed on to my pupils.

This all means I can charge a realistic price for lessons and don't need to keep my pupils on the books for long periods to pay for the overheads, if you learn fast you will be taught fast, not held back because of 'company policy'.  

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